About the Festival

The basis of Biodynamic agricultural is to bring to light a consciousness, that perceives the EARTH as a living, spiritual being. According to Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Biodynamic Agriculture, Nature and the working of the Spirit throughout Nature, must be recognized on a large scale, in an all-embracing sphere.

This is a challenge to achieve in todays materialistic approach of agriculture which has a tendency towards the investigation of minute, restricted spheres. ”This kind of thinking threatens the flexibility of the soul of a person working on the land to receive real understanding".

This purely material investigation has gone to the extreme of breaking up the perception of living processes and the Spirit behind the natural world. The results are high yields but also diseases, poison sprays and lessened quality. In contrast to this, the foremost endeavor of the bio-dynamic practice is to keep each single measure related to life’s overarching wholeness and in turn eventually spiritualize the sciences. This is taken account of, in the practical applications of manuring (-balancing the mineral, plant and animal connections), landscape ecology and in the observing of cosmic rhythms.

* This Festival’s goal is to create a cultural atmosphere for farmers to explore these practical subjects and how they interweave with our task to development a personal relationship to the “Farm Individuality”.


Every year in Mexico, diverse initiatives interested in the development of Biodynamic Agriculture come together to learn and share experiences. *This cultural event is carried by the goal and intention to awaken the deep understandings of the relationship between the human being and the divine in Nature. This goal is ultimately to inspire new creative ideas for meeting the ecological & social challenges of our time and guide us to a future of healing with the Earth.

This year, in addition to this important national event, we are honored to host the XXXIV Latin American meeting of Biodynamic Agriculture. This is the first time the conference will expand beyond South and Central America, to incorporate the Biodynamic associations of North America as well. Due to its importance, this unprecedented intercontinental meeting is being called the Biodynamic Agriculture Festival of the Americas.

"A festival has the quality to take us out of the ordinary and take us to the mysteries of the rhythms of the seasons, therefore the great festivals exist to give testimony of our connection with the whole universe.” Rudolf Steiner

The festival’s central theme is The Human Being and the Rhythms of Nature. Giving life to the festival will be 7 pillars that sustain the work through a program that encompasses Leading Thoughts, workshops divided into the 4 elemental spheres, and a Polycultural market (see Annex) In order to support the development of this theme, we have invited a mixed selection of presenters from several countries to share their study and practice in this field, conducting lectures and workshops intended to provide an immersive experience. *The aim of this festival is to delve deeply into the topics that explore the sacred relationship between humans and nature and the program is designed to create an inclusive seed that contains the Biodynamic impulse and the broader Anthroposophical Community.

The stage for the Festival will be the exceptional Botanical Garden "El Charco del Ingenio,” in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. With a desire to honor the ancient traditions still prevalent in the local community, the festival will pay tribute to the local visionary leaders who turned this world class ecosystem of desert and shrub land into a reservoir and sanctuary, preserving a sacred space for all visitors and cultures. *By honoring this space at this Festival , we hope to carry on the sacred work with nature, now bringing it in contact with the Biodynamic approach to the renewal of agriculture.

*Our goal of creating a bridge across the Americas requires dedicated support and ample resources. We are grateful for the commitments made by Demeter International, the Biodynamic Association of North America, Via Organica and Solspring for their sponsorship. We are currently seeking additional funding for the festival in the areas of production, hospitality, and promotion. (budget objectives attached).

Festival’s collaboration with Botanical Garden "El Charco del Ingenio

The Charco del Ingenio Botanical Garden was founded by the local Indigenous Otomi and Chichimeca groups during the full solar eclipse that took place on July 11, 1991. During the initial foundational ritual, the four wind plaza(below) was established which will be the central stage for our festivals ceremony which will honor the work of the Indigenous. The Charco is now the home to a vast collection of cacti and other Mexican native plants, many of which are rare, threatened or in danger of extinction. Part of the Charco’s mission is the conservation of the natural and genetic heritage represented by these Mexican cacti and succulents, in order to showcase our endangered biodiversity. El Charco del Ingenio was proclaimed an international Peace Zone by the Dalai Lama during his visit to Mexico. Five Peace Zones were designated in the country, places free of violence and arms, dedicated to the conservation of nature and community development. This mission & story of the El Charco del Ingenio is a cultural inspiration to say the least. It is the perfect marriage and stage for this years Festival and its our hope that the Bio Dynamic community, with your support, can contribute to the future of this creative story. Distribution of Areas for the Festival at the Charco del Ingenio.