Presenters and Teachers

  • Biodynamic Agriculture Festival of the Americas

Dennis Klocek

Sacramento, California, United States

Dennis is a teacher, researcher, artist, farmer, and alchemist. In 1982, his love of the work of Rudolf Steiner took him to Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, California, where he has been the director of the Consciousness Studies Program ("Goethean Studies") since 1992. Dennis is dedicated to research, teaching, and writing in many fields, including climate, agriculture, meditation, the human organism, and self-transformation. He founded the Coros Institute to teach and promote dialogue experiences based on esoteric wisdom. Dennis Klocek's books include Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics (2012); Climate: Soul of the Earth (2010); and The Seer's Handbook (2005). Visit Dennis's website:

General moderator of the Festival, coordinator of the Earth sphere.
Workshop: The axes of the fertile land. The mysteries of Silica, Lime and Clay.

Alex Tuchman

Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary, Virginia, United States.

Alex Tuchman is a beekeeper, educator, farmer, and writer. As Co-Director of Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary, he works with team members to plan and implement all educational workshops and courses where he serves as a teacher. His responsibilities also include social and programmatic communications as well as the oversight of interns, volunteer, and visitor activities. In addition, Alex serves as the lead Beekeeper and the Farm Manager. Alex came to Spikenard in March of 2014 after working 3 years as the Manager of the Student Farm at Loyola University Chicago. He has over nine years of beekeeping and farming experience along with educational training from the Biodynamic Association, the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, and the Angelic Organics Learning Center.

Workshop: Healing the Planet and the Human Being with Bees.

Matias Baker

Biodynamic Consultant

Sacramento, California, United States

Matias Baker is the founder and operator of Kepher Dynamics, a consultant-based service focused on the art and science of biodynamic agriculture, quality biodynamic preparations, and holistic landscape ecology. He works with a wide range of biodynamic farms, vineyards, and diversified educational centers in California, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Barbados. Matias is also an international lecturer and teacher for both the Coros Institute and Rudolf Steiner College. He worked for the Josephine Porter Institute and helped to develop biodynamic agriculture in Costa Rica.

Workshop: Human Being and Animal: The Threefoldedness of the Human Beings and Its Relation to the Animal Kingdom.

Bruno Follador

Geographer, Biodynamic Researcher, & Biodynamic Farmer

New York, United States, and Brazil

Geographer by profession and farmer at heart, Bruno Follador has been recognized in various parts of the world for his closeness to the reconnection of the language of nature scientifically and spiritually. He has written dozens of publications for the main Biodynamic Journals of different countries such as USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Australia. Since 2011, he has been a facilitator of courses and keynote presenter in different parts of the world, including the global headquarters of the International Biodynamic Section at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. Consultant and Researcher in Chromatography at the Ludolf Andreas Lab, Germany. Advisor and Implementer of high quality composting projects on an industrial scale. Director of the Living Soils Project at The Nature Institute, NY, USA.

Workshop: The 12 Senses of the Human Being and the 7 Life Processes, their relationship with Nature.

Vincent Geerts

Anthroposophist and Biodynamic Advisor


Of Belgian nationality by origin, Mexican by adoption. He has studied Anthroposophy since 1990. Lecturer and advisor in Goetheanism, biodynamic agriculture and beekeeping, architecture, and ecology. He is a member of the Juan de la Cruz branch in México and is the founder of the anthroposophical initiative "Las Canoas Altas" in Erongarícuaro, Michoacán.

Workshop: Human Consciousness and the Individuality of the Farm.

Jorge Luis Ayala

Rice Producer and Rancher Campeche, México.

Jorge Luis Ayala studied Agronomy with a specialty in zootechnics and aquaculture, and at a very early age took over several duties of the family rice farm / traditional ranch, with livestock as his main passion. In 2002, he started a rice and shrimp production project, which served as his entry point into organic farming practices and in turn, discovered the world of biodynamics in Brazil and took Joao Volkmann as his mentor and teacher. In 2004, he developed the brand PIJIJE for the commercialization of grain in Mexico and its export, becoming the first producer of organic and biodynamic rice in the country and remaining to this day, a leader in Mexico and many relevant projects in America.
In 2006, he introduced the breeding of Asian water buffalo to the state of Campeche, becoming a pioneer in the breeding of this new species, with which he developed his own holistic management system of regenerative grazing with buffalo in symbiosis with rice production.

Miguel Demarchi

Biodynamic Farmer and Anthroposophic Speaker Gardens of Yaya Farm ‘Granja Los Jardines de Yaya’ Córdoba, Argentina.

Founding partner of the Biodynamic Agriculture Association of Argentina (AABDA).

Workshop: Cosmic and Earthly Polarities

Margaret Kerndt

California, United States Therapist and Anthropospist

Margaret practices rhythmic massage therapy, therapeutic eurythmy, and craniosacral therapy (BCST). She works with Astrosofia and has experience with Shiatsu, Swedish massage, spatial dynamics, Bothmer Gymnastics and Amnion® Aquatics.

Daniela y Georg Ehrenwinkler

Brasil, Farmacia Antroposófica

Flavio y Marilda Milanese


Marco Antonio


Maestro y Artista Plát.